RELEASED TODAY: Clive Greenbelt Trail points of interest

Each week, we’ll be releasing new trails on Iowa By Trail—fully flushed out and ready to trek with points of interest and trail information.

This week, get outdoors and explore the Clive Greenbelt Trail! This city greenbelt trail winds its way along Walnut Creek through scenic, heavily wooded areas. Along the trail, markers identify trees, shrubs and wildflowers. About 10 acres of reconstructed prairie lie along the trail west of the Maddox Parkway trailhead.

The trail also links many parks and recreation areas. The Campbell Recreation Area contains softball fields, concessions, picnic areas, restrooms, tennis courts and a large playground with handicap-accessible play equipment. Another playground is located at the Greenbelt Park shelter at Maddox Parkway.

The Clive Greenbelt Trail now includes an extension that links it to the 57-mile Raccoon River Valley Trail.


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